Brother Lawrence: Fast facts

• c. 1614-1691

• Lowly monk duties as a kitchen worker, and shoe cobbler (no standing or education to be a leader, priest, or cleric)

• Lived in a barefooted monastic order

• Said he did not enjoy religious routines (bit odd to admit for a monk, b/c this is their lifestyle)

• He sought continual communion and delight in the awareness of the presence of God

• Believed in the grace of God more than anything else

• His piety and devotion was so transforming and noticeable, religious leaders, young monks, and outsiders sought out his secrets and counsel

• At his funeral his sweetness and character were so exceptional that his letters of correspondence and remembrances of his conversations were gathered, read, and preserved for posterity–otherwise his life would have been forever lost in obscurity


4 responses to “Brother Lawrence: Fast facts

    • lisacolondelay

      This is great. The work is fairly short, and it shows all about what Bro. Lawrence was really like, and the beauty of practicing the presence of God is all about.

      Brilliant! Thank you frined.

    • lisacolondelay

      Brilliant! Thanks Friend.

      This work is short, and shows all about what Bro. Lawrence’s lifestyle of practicing the presence entailed.

  1. Found this book exceptionally influential for me, have read it a few times. My son found it and was greatly impacted. He is now is sharing it with his friends, some of whom who doubt Christianity, are intrigued with the book’s message and seeking God.