(experience/belief) posing a question…

While reading recently, I came up with an interesting thought. I was going to try to create a poll to seek answers from readers, but I thought taking comments would be more interesting, if people are willing to leave them.

Do you believe in God more than you experience God? (explain)


2 responses to “(experience/belief) posing a question…

  1. I used to believe in, but not experience, God. Thankfully for me, God decided to show up in my life and prove to me that He is real. Now I see and feel Him in almost everything I experience. This is what I want to try to share with other people and why I am training to become a pastor at this point in my life.

    • lisacolondelay

      Thanks for writing… I’m curious, are you in training so others believe and experience then? Why (in your opinion) might you need to be a pastor for this? Do you think they will follow the path you did? (3 different questions)