Taking your suggestions

I’m looking for reader feedback, the constructive kind–positive or negative, (or better yet, both) to have the best thing going here at “life as prayer”. I truly think “we” is better and smarter than “me ” (as in, one creator) in this endeavor. If you haven’t been here before (or if you’re checking back), please scout around, and let me know.

What is the best thing? What is missing? What is the worst thing? Any thing strike you that you’d like to share? Thanks for any help you can offer.

(The same help is appreciated on the author site, and Spirit=Breath of Life site.)

Blessings to you!


6 responses to “Taking your suggestions

  1. Hi Lisa,
    The site is beautiful; very pleasing to the eye and tons of great stuff for your readers.

    The major thing that I see missing is some kind of statement that says what the site/project is about. What’s the purpose? What’s the project? What’s the author’s intention for the site? What do you want me to do when I get here? Why did you create the site?

    I have the attention span of a pea when I go on other people’s sites/blogs, so I like there to be something that orients me to the purpose/background of the site/what I will gain from the site. I need you to give me some kind of anchor so I can connect with your site with more purpose. Without that, I’m overwhelmed.

    I think if you answered the above questions by creating an easily identifiable link that the reader can click on to get the backstory. It doesn’t have to be something major, just a starting point for a new reader. If I had the above information, I think I’d come back here a lot.

    Otherwise, it looks like this site has a lot to offer. I hope my feedback was helpful. Looking forward to hearing back from you. Best of luck with the site.


    • lisacolondelay

      Thanks for writing. It’s good to get an idea of your thoughts when you get here. I’ll try to have a more honed approach with mission or objective perhaps, probably in the “about” section.

  2. Lisa,
    The picture is very pleasing to the eye. I suggest you add object lesson stories. Maybe things that people in Children’s Ministry could relay to the children in their lives. You are really good at taking ideas and knowledge that you are learning (I guess in your classes) and showing how they fit into our lives and how we can apply the ideas or knowledge!
    I like the music…like I said before…Jacob’s Ladder is a song I associate with rides in our car (Road Trip!) because that is where I hear it! Maybe a song a week can be spotlighted! Maybe even better, a music artist a week could be spotlighted!
    You are doing great! I like to see what you are thinking and you always have a unique perspective to everyday life!!!!!

    • lisacolondelay

      Thanks for your insights. I’ll try to share the songs, art, and images that are part of things I’m meditating on. Maybe they will touch others who visit. They often have a lot of meaning to me in a spiritual sense. Your help means a lot to me.

  3. Hi from LOTR country. My surfing from Lucille’s article about dreams landed me here.
    I have read/skimmed thru and find lots to respond to/think about
    Re site feedback – just a quick explanation at the top with your name/photo/facebook/twitter – or just a link box back to title page would help someone like me who came straight to your prayer page.

    I’m better at talking than taking the time to write so if you go to my fb you will see lots of postings.
    We had david and juliet benner here last year – they will be back in three years time
    Here is a great book if you don’t know it yet – My life with the saints by james martin SJ You can google him and watch a youtube 3-parter called Laughing with the Saints.
    Because I didn’t know much about the Saints it was a treasure that I now own my own copy – I didn’t want to take it back to the Library but a Catholic frine I recommended it to sent me a copy – like you I am a sucker for books – especially free/gift/recycled ones.
    If yo go to http://www.elizabethsherrill.com you can read her spiritual autobiography All the Way to heaven – another one I had to own!!