Where’s my Sunshine Mountain???

NOT sunshine mountain

I’m writing right now in the book “Life As Prayer”  about something those of the Catholic tradition are more acquainted with, and that is, that negative (so-called) portions of our spiritual journey are really a normal part of the process.

Usually we tend to see them as problematic, or like something has gone terribly wrong. Or, perhaps, we’ve gone terribly wrong. Dark times, un-SUNSHINE MOUNTAIN times, are part of what God uses, and are quite positive, though they might not feel like it. Many people tend to think of God’s displeasure, or his withholding of blessing when they don’t feel his love, or are suffering, or not being blessed. Is it because we live in prosperity? Maybe. But even the ancient story of Job reveals that his friends thought the same mistaken things. 

I’m going to unpack Gloom Mountain, and take the teeth out of it. Spirituality encompasses these dark times too, and may be what best prepares us for what God has for us. After the dawn, new richness is revealed than could ever happen before.

I’ll share some tidbits as I move along. Freely share your experiences or thoughts, if you’d like. 

Have you felt pressure to be happy when you were not, because you thought God or others wanted you to?


One response to “Where’s my Sunshine Mountain???

  1. Amen. I think that says it all. 🙂