Ways of Examen for greater fulfillment

The practice of Examen (pronounced: EGGS-aye-men) brings our living and our growth into focus. It helps us see God, (and the Divine presence) in our day, and/or helps us see far more meaning in our day than we could by merely living without really noticing.

For me, the practice of Examen has sometimes turned self-critical, and produced guilt, instead of helped me see God and his encouragement. My spiritual director Lenoir Wible offered me her notes from her teacher, that are a more positive slant on the ways of Examen. It’s quite beneficial–even life-changing.

Remember God sings over you.

Give it a try for a week or so, and tell me if it’s helpful.
Have you ever tried the spiritual practice of Examen before?
(Chime in with your comments…)

Consciousness Examen

  • In the morning, upon awakening:
    Ask The Divine, Light of the World, to walk with you throughout the day.In the evening, before sleep:
  • 1. Briefly review your day.
  • 2. Thank God for the specific gift of the day.
  • 3. Celebrate God’s undefeated love at those moments of the day when you were loving or loved.
  • 4. Celebrate God’s undefeated love at those moments when you were less than loving – and hear God say to you: “I know that and I love you!”
  • 5. Ask yourself “What grace am I being invited to ask for?”
  • “What would life look like were that grace given?
  • Sit with this and ponder the answer with prayerful thanksgiving



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