It’s the fuel to get past the obstacles before us. If it didn’t exist, we’d have to make it up. Because it exists, we carry on, and we may do it well. Through it we know that our present condition is not all there is, and not all that is most important. Hope is not just joy (sturdy happiness) and courage to persevere for a better day, but for the perfect day. A day that we cannot truly wrap our brains around quite yet. But, it’s a state and circumstance ahead in which our hearts count on. We believe in this beautiful thing, and, in that way, we are more human, not less.

It is not futile to believe in something one can’t see, or to set one’s sights on a place one’s never been. Every great explorer journeyed somewhere they had never seen, and found a place they had never set foot on, that had once been myth to everyone else.

Have hope, never give it up.
Of the three enduring things -faith, hope, and love- the greatest is love, but faith and hope support it. Faith is trust. Hope is fuel for it all.

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