Sherpas 101

Here is an excerpt from the book I’m working on…

“If you were to take a mountaineering adventure into highest areas of the world, one of the best things you could do would be to hire a Sherpa. In Nepal, Sherpas do more than just help climbers with gear as they ascent. They are expert guides, and famous for their mountaineering and climbing prowess. From years of living in the terrain, they are seasoned navigators. Even their hearts, blood, and lungs have adjusted enormously to better handle the issues of high attitudes.

As we consider our journey with the Divine, we may picture it the same way. A Sherpa may enable and support you, but they cannot do the climb instead of you, while you stay behind. The adventure just wouldn’t be the same. They may help you find the best path, give you life-saving information, or port your gear, but they can’t beam you to the summit. That’s not the point, so to speak, and it would spoil the escapade. Would you be a richer and wiser person if you were teleported to the peak of Mount Everest? Nah.”

I just found a website that combines two great things: adventure and chocolate


singapore girl team

A Belgian chocolate company Acticoa is visiting the Everest base camp, handing out chocolate samples to Sherpas, and promoting the cause they want to raise money and awareness for–the Napal Mobile Hospital which provides medical care to those living in remote places. It’s an interesting site to immerse one into the difficult world of high altitudes and adventure climbing.


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