I was visiting the NPR website, and I came across an article about the enchanting artwork of Brigitte Lacombe. She is described as shy, and this is said to help bring out what most photographers cannot in their portraits. I have to admit, I was stunned. Yes, she often photographs celebrities, so often I recognized the faces. It wasn’t who she captured by camera, but it was the way she captured them that was so arresting.


To be human, and to be caught in that beauty–apart from the cult of whatever celebrity one may or may not have found, is its own glory. It’s not a fading beauty. There is something eternal going on. It points off the map. There is something precious you feel blessed to witness as look gaze at art like this. Lacombe doesn’t snap photos, she’s an artist.

I’m also a huge fan of black and white photography. That makes up the bulk of her work. That medium is pure, and relies on composition and design primarily. When someone does it well, it shows. Lacombe is a creator, and she hits the mark.

You’ll find her inspiring portfolio at her website here.