Aug & Time off

IMG_0288na&Bobpolicetatumbr1What an August so far. I finished my ancient Hebrew class final. 12 verses from the Hebrew Bible, are done, and I’m glad it’s over with. I just had a chance to catch up with some friends from college, and some I hadn’t seen in a decade and a half! And then came a sudden awful tragedy–The violent fatal road accident , my husband and I witnessed. I doubt those horrific images will soon fade from my mind. It may be a while before I write about that, and what I’ve been thinking about regarding that. It’s all still a bit raw.

Yesterday was a day at the beach. It had high points, frustrations, and perils. The low points involved regurgitation, but I won’t get in to that. Some of the high points included getting to know Rachel better. She will be a senior this year. It was watching my son get thrashed by the waves time and again, continue to have fun, and learn how to ride them toward shore. It was giving Nathan and a few other people body drawings with a fine sharpie pens, and watching their faces light up. It was wrangling the umbrella that decided to bolt. It was people watching, and jumping the warm ocean swells. It was seeing my daughter play well and cheerfully with a new friend.

I need a few days to, in a sense, congeal, and pick up some pieces I’ve dropped. Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer studies back-to-back-to-back have made me too long gone, in ways that couldn’t be helped, but can take one’s wind, and leave one panting, and weary. So there is pain and wound I’m only now realizing, and I need to tend to it, and see whatever it is.

More soon.


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