Art-the universal human language of connection

Art isn’t a segment that involves a certain branch of the population, it is a part of the human spirit itself. Through it, the connection, and language under, deeper than words expresses more than linguistics allows. Without forms of art we seem like mere brutes, animals, or machines, hardly able to get past our own shallowness or insufficiencies. And with it we struggle through the same, and grow into fuller humanness, which is the point.

Ukrainian sand artist, Kseniya Simonova depicts her people and their struggles following WWI and into the Nazi takeover in this awing artistic performance. She gets to the root of the human experience, and in my opinion, the place of greatest need where God always is.

Please, tell me what you think of this video.


One response to “Art-the universal human language of connection

  1. Simply amazing…

    Yes, what would we do without art?