Perceiving Grace… Your thoughts?

Proposals on grace, including “kenotic decentering” here. After reading it…What are your thoughts about what you read?

Adam Miller‘s article brings up notions of what grace may be in how it may be perceived, or actually work in how we experience life.

Does grace fill in the gaps of our weakness, bringing us to find satisfaction and salvation in ways we never can alone. OR maybe is it what we allow, (and what is given) to help us find contentment and salvation in whatever the mixed bag of sorrow and joy happens in life. In other words, life is already normal, (not abnormal, despite the negative side of it) and grace helps us see life as not deficient. 

Miller points out a third way, and, of course, there are other ways to perceive grace, or propose how it works too. 

I’d LOVE to hear your proposal, or stab at it.


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