Link to “Get whatever you ask for in prayer” post

This tongue-in-cheek post gave me a chuckle:

The Sales Pitch Prayer Request or 
How To Get Whatever You Ask For in Prayer – by Jarrod Haggard

Post was submitted to the stuff Christians like blog by Jon Acuff. Jon is clever and generous. I’ve enjoyed his blog for a few years now. I’ll be featured as a guest writer there on 9/18/09.


2 responses to “Link to “Get whatever you ask for in prayer” post

  1. “We hear that God is in the blessing business, an d we try to get the inside scoop on how to write the best possible grant proposal – I mean, ‘prayer request.'” – Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove in the 9/8 Christian Century

    • lisacolondelay

      Great quote. So true, it’s creepy.

      If God were TRULY just the smiting type, we’d be smoldering ashes for that sort of stuff. It’s an awfully rude way to talk to him, (or anybody) if you ask me. (But believe me, I’ve tried plenty of bargaining, and all that silliness too!)