Transforming Nebula

The Hubble telescope is operating again, and got gorgeous photos of the Minkowski 2-9, also called, the Butterfly Nebula. Quite gorgeous, right? It fills me with awe.


I thought this was a great symbol of transformation, process, and creation rolled up into an unfathomable, beautiful, and yes, nebulous package. We’re all works in progress. In the past, Hubble never capture this image so well, but through the corrected lens we are able to see the beauty of an organic wonder. I see the parallel for our lives in this. Correcting our perspective, can do wonders for our outlook on our lives, and progress too.

What do you think of this photo?

What transformation do you seek, ultimately?

Leave any comments you’d like.


3 responses to “Transforming Nebula

  1. Sharon Herbste

    I wonder what other microcosms and macrocosms God has hidden in creation for man to uncover. . . The more advanced technologically man becomes, the more God’s Creation revealed amazes man! It’s as if God hid things in Creation to challenge man’s mind to reach higher and higher to discover them. God’s fingerprints are on everything from the vast areas of space to the smallest atomic particle.

    • lisacolondelay

      Great comment. Thanks. It really is beyond reason to fathom the magnificence of creation. It’s just so huge and wondrous. It brings me great joy to see the beauty that is continually revealed by the intelligent designer.

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