Hi Jon’s friends from SCL

I love you

I love you

If you’re visiting because of Jon’s Stuff Christians Like blog. I welcome you!

If not, um this might get a little awkward. (I’m trying to woo new readers, so talk amongst your selves for a sec., k?)

Anyway, I think Jon is  a rock star. And by that, I don’t mean that he just has his mind on drugs, violence, sex, and music with a throbbing beat. I mean, I think he’s highly funny, clever, poignant, and says all the right stuff, so you can’t help but to really like him, for just being him.

If you enjoy him, you probably have a vivacious sense of humor. Perfect. Please look around, comment on posts, and know that I’m pretty much, wishing on a star that you’ll come back and read things here again soon. (I had put in here “kissing your buttocks,” but I thought that sounded needy and cheap. So, I took it out. I suppose I have to draw the line somewhere.)

I post 4 times per week, or more, so please drop by soon. One fun post I recommend to visit here, is the quiz that can determine if your soul can fit into a mailbox. Check that out. (You can do a search in the sidebar, when you scroll to the bottom of this page.) It’s a bad Cosmo Quiz meets a Christianity Today mini-article sort of thing. And golly, it’s cleared up a lot for soul-searching types of people so far.

Thank you for coming to visit. I feel like we’re practically best friends at this point-almost like we known each other for just years and years!

(Is this coming on too strong? Do you feel smothered? Well, you know, come by soon, we’ll talk. Or I can call you maybe. Or is that’s too much, too soon? Sorry. I’m being forward now. Right. You can…you know, just call me, I guess. I love you. Give me a call. Or, you know, whatever makes you feel comfortable. No pressure. Except… I just love you SO much. xoxo.)

8 responses to “Hi Jon’s friends from SCL

  1. Thanks for such a ‘non-pressure’ sell as you welcome some of us SCL folks 🙂 haha

    Looking forward to hanging around some 🙂 Great post over at Jon’s place!

    • So, it didn’t come off as needy, or pushy? WHEW. What a relief. I pretty much proof read it, I don’t know, maybe 150 times. I kept adding stuff, primping. It was like getting ready for prom. The thoughts, “I hope they like me.” keep spinning and swirling in my head, over and over and over and over. Gosh, I’m glad it didn’t seem that way.

      Have a great day. xoxoxoxoxoxox
      (If hyperbole were cholesterol, yes, I would be dead.)

  2. Great post on SCL!

    I look forward to stopping by more often 🙂

  3. My favorite guest post so far! I’ve only been reading SCL for about 6 months, but still… Good stuff!!

  4. Hilarious post over at SCL…..LOVED it! I didn’t know it was a guest post until the bottom where he listed your blog title. Somehow I missed the first paragraph in ()’s. Love your blog and look forward to reading more as I want to grow in spiritual formation personally and in helping others.

    • lisacolondelay

      Great to have you here, Melody. I was sort of “channelling” Jon to write that. Is the Christian way to say that “stepping into his sandals”? Strangely, we are a bit similar. My Aunt once gave me a Birthday card that said, “When you were born, they broke the mold… and then they beat the **ll out of the mold maker.” (A back-handed compliment?) But apparently this card was a complete farce to throw me off. There are plenty of people who need medicine and therapy out there. I am but one of them. Maybe you can join the learning group, if you’d like to get more involved in spiritual formation (either now, or in an upcoming group.)

      Thanks everyone for your comments. I really appreciate hearing from you.

  5. You are too funny! I loved your “Popcorn Collisions” post on SCL! The term “re-pop” about landed me on the floor laughing. This blog will now be on my list of faves…thanks for sharing! Oh, and by the way, the whole prayer group thing always freaks me out. I just can’t handle the pressure. Here’s to hoping that just being in the circle and praying silently in my head is just a fine and dandy way to pray!