Take the quiz-Are you hyper-Patriotic?

To be clear: I LOVE my country, and I’m so happy to have the privilege of being born here, and living here! I am indebted to those who’ve struggled, and died to keep us free. I know our freedom isn’t free. My support is fully behind all those who so bravely serve us, and our prosperous country, in the armed forces.

whoops! Van proves English IS a difficult language.

whoops! Van proves English IS a difficult language.

While it’s important to encourage fidelity to one’s country, sometimes what is termed “patriotism” can actually be the manifestation of other, less-than-worthy, vices. Selfish, exclusionary attitudes, callousness, malice,  a favored political agenda, or certain policy of the moment can be masked by so-called patriotism. For instance, some say it’s patriotic to pay taxes, but others say it’s patriotic to free citizens from the burden of taxes. I’m not creating this quiz to espouse my political leanings, only to garner awareness that “love of country” shouldn’t be confused with self-interest. And, I hope to do so in an enteraining way. You can leave your feedback, or other entertaining questions, to think will tease out hyper-patriotism tendencies of visitors.

Take this quiz to find out if (so-called) patriotism  is getting the best of you. (And, yes, it’s meant to be funny/amusing, at least mildly.)

-Answer True or False-

1. You own more than two pieces of apparel that includes the stars and stripes. (Bonus “True” if at some time in your life you had a matching flag shirt with someone else in your family.)

2. You have somehow thought of God as American.

3. You wear a flag pin, or tie clip more than once per month, or think about doing it, (especially when you see someone else donning one.)

4. You’ve practiced folding the flag into a triangle, just for something to do. (Bonus “True” if you like to see how perfectly tight and pointed the corners can come out, and engage in multiple refolds.)

5. When you see Old Glory at half mast, you imagine that it must feel sad.

6. Seeing seasonal flags, NASCAR flags, and the like, erected over a porch, makes you want to puke, because it seems the flag of the U.S.A. should be flown instead.

7. You make judgments about who should be allowed to sport a flag pin, and /or who is truly patriotic.

8. You think people who criticize the political side you oppose should move to another country.

9. You are strangely drawn to the Uncle Sam character, (even if you aren’t sure why.)

10. Your church says the pledge of allegiance to the flag, and you find that a great relief. (Or you wish your church would say the pledge.)


First add up your all your True scores.

1-3 True answers means you have either a mild, healthy, or manageable level of patriotism. OR possibly you could be a commy. I would need another test to sort all of that out.

4-8 True answers means you’re in big danger of making a weird sign at a rally that you’ll likely be sorry for later, if you happen to progress as a person. Take some internal inventory, and check to see if your patriotism is misplaced, or there because you’re just a super insecure individual. There is hope for you to adjust your outlook, and grow into a deeper understanding of patriotism. Best wishes!

8-10 True answers means you are at the point of being delusional, and you probably suspect I’m a spy for Iran or Russia for even putting this “humorous self-test” out there. You’re wondering what the #@*% kind of American am I for ever questioning American patriotism in the first place. How could there be too much patriotism, you ask? This test is probably lost on you. But, it’s okay, God is in control. We’re all a bit afraid of you, but you help us draw more sufficiency in our Redeemer. Sorry if the premise upset you.

Did I miss anything? 🙂

What question/s SHOULD be in there? Thanks for playing!

PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS WAS MEANT for the PURPOSES of HUMOR. My hope is that you have some.

God Bless the USA!

whoops. That’s still okay, right?

Well, anyway, peace out.



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