Standing Stones-A meaningful spiritual practice


standing stone monument-Joshua 4:9

standing stone monument-Joshua 4:9

Standing stones in a jar as a spiritual practice

Standing stones in a jar as a spiritual practice






When I first spoke about remembrance stones, or Ebenezer stones, a visitor friend of mine wrote this:

I also have small “alters” of stones in my house…up in jars. They are written on with a sharpie pen. I write one or two words down when I have a breakthrough, or a praise. When people come to visit, they ask about the stones and I can tell them that “good things happen here”. I take that from the Bible. Whenever there was a victory, as you probably already know, they use to build an alter…so that when people came by, they would see, know and remember.

This visitor’s practice of erecting contemporary “standing stones” helps her remember God’s goodness, mighty works, and faithfulness in her life. It can help her tell her story. It’s wonderful to have a visual reminder, also, because we can too quickly forget God’s work when we hit troubling times, or get too busy.

The practice of using stones as a memory device goes WAY back. For a brief devotional or your own research, look up the Scriptures of Joshua 4:9, and I Samuel 7:12.

Consider trying this practice for yourself. The materials are easy to find, and when you go through your jar and reflect on what’s inside as you are alone with God, or with someone else, you’ll be reminded of God’s faithfulness, and goodness.

I’m sending out a (free) fragrant stone, plus 18 ideas for meaningful practices to increase awareness of God’s presence, and memory of his faithfulness. I’ve found something as simple as a stone can create added spiritual awareness and mindfulness, and this has brought me a lot of hopefulness and joy, as I have an enriched experience of God’s love.

The stones I send out go to blog visitors, like you, who express an interest. Just say so in the blog comments. You can find out more here.


2 responses to “Standing Stones-A meaningful spiritual practice

  1. Nice post. I had to hunt for this blog, as you didn’t leave a URL over on – that’s OK.

    Sometimes, if I’ve had a meaningful spiritual experience while out hiking or exploring, I’ll build a small altar and leave it as a testament to the experience.

    Also, Peter talked about us being “living stones” in the house of God – which to me is a great metaphor. When we started a spiritual community a few years back, we wrote that text on the stones and gave one to everyone.

    Thanks for sharing!