Help for blind spots

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"Oh, what to do... this sunshine is bothering me again!"

"Oh, what to do... this sunshine is bothering me again!"

I thought this picture was a great example of trying to figure out a problem (glare from the sun) on-the-fly. The easy answer is, simply, “shield your eyes.” With the help of a friend, though, this guy could realize he’s already wearing a hat perfectly suited as sun gear.

The better answer: “Turn your hat around.”

We most often learn best in community (through others) and we grow as people this way. Our individual perspective throws us off, and cuts us off from seeing solutions, and places to improve.

Spiritual direction works in the same sort of way. A person seeks spiritual direction, or guidance, not because they can’t see well at all, but because they are wise enough to realize they have blind spots.

Everybody has blind spots, and many are still trying to figure out what those blind spots really are. That’s were community can help too, for the same reason. Whether it’s for productivity; personal growth; becoming better at a particular skill; or in a particular area in your career or your character, outside perspective gives the benefits of revealing our blind spots. That is, if we can be brave enough to hear and learn what they are, and how to overcome some of those obstacles.

The challenge really lies in risking with people, we grow to trust, to be honest with us, and journey with us, for our best interest. And-we mustn’t fail at starting, and nurturing relationships purposefully moving to this level of familiarity.

I encourage you to invest in one or two relationships that will reveal your blind spots. Do it right away.

Have you done this already?

Encourage us, and share a bit of your story here.

Thanks for reading.


3 responses to “Help for blind spots

  1. My brother serves as an accountability partner for me. Well…that’s when I’m brave enough to be 100% transparent. It’s always interesting to notice how tough it is at times to be completely honest about the “blind spots” in my life. My ability to be open or closed in sharing the secret struggles of ones spiritual journey can be pretty revealing in how serious I am in “shielding my eyes from the sun”.

    Great pic Lisa! It says it all :->

    • lisacolondelay

      It’s easy to make a mask to hide behind. How often do you talk w/ each other about this stuff?

  2. Not enough Lisa. Well…we talk ALL the time. It’s just harder to admit those blind-spots! But I’ve begun to recognize how important being “real” or open w/ someone can be!