No Fun Allowed? Not so fast!


(actual sign) Creepy!

(actual sign) Creepy!

When the kiddos where swarming Jesus, his disciples started barking at the parents. They said Jesus couldn’t be bothered with that sort of thing. Jesus harshly rebuked his helpers. He had time for the kids. I can picture him ruffling their hair, smiling at them, and blessing them, as they crowded around him.


He went on to say that to come  in the Kingdom of God you must be like a child. I think he was primarily speaking about “child-like trust,” and perhaps “purity” of heart, but let’s also think about the nature of children for a minute.

Most kids aren’t super serious, most of them find joy in the present, most can be fairly easily amused, most of them assume they need some help to get by. Oh, and another thing–THEY PLAY! So, maybe those of the kind of people Jesus enjoys the company of. 

Have you grown up? I should say, have you gotten old? Have you forgotten how to play? How to play with all that you are-like a kid-all out? Can you shelve your crotchety outlook, and have a good time, without feeling awkward, bringing someone down, or looking at the negative?

I’ve met so many Christians who are so “grown-up,” they could meet up with God, and he’d seem more like a boy to them. In other words, they would have no idea how “youthful, innocent” exuberance looks, or sounds like. Look at the world of created things. God must have been laughing when he fashioned some of those creatures! Tough-skinned grown-ups aren’t much able to id joy, or what is joyful, if it hits them in the face with a cream pie. They’ll probably say, “Oh, thanks joy! Perfectly good pie, and YOU wasted it! Now clean this up.”

God sings, smiles, and laughs. Shocking! (Actually, only to some people.) Open your eyes. God is good. God is even fun!

Maybe we should remember that he gives us this world to enjoy. He give us others to enjoy. This world is our playground, and we may be happy here. Tag-you’re it!


3 responses to “No Fun Allowed? Not so fast!

  1. Thanks for this. Our rabbits remind us of this all of the time.

  2. There is yet another redeeming quality of a child. No matter how deficient the parent or how severely the child may be disciplined (abusing is not discipline) all they yearn for is their parent’s love and too know that they please them.

    Imagine a world full of adults who yearn for the love of the Father and their purpose in life is to please Him. Imagine that.

    Now I must readily confess that my wife and I had “grown up.” That is until Social Services placed a two and four year old brother and sister with us in May of ’06. Now, at the tender ages of 55 and 53 we are in the final stages of completeing the adoption of our “new kids.” We had forgotten how much joy we could have at the playground, the skating rink or just rolling around in the grass in the yard.

    God is the most merciful and gracious One.

  3. lisacolondelay

    sounds fun!
    As soon as a realized I wouldn’t get kicked out of the Playland at McDonald’s anymore (b/c I had kids) I was ecstatic. That was a happy day. I also like playing in the toy section at the dept. store. My kids like it too, but they will sometimes say, “Mom, you’re a goofball.” Or “I think you should take that hat off now, and get off the bicycle shelves. You’re probably going to get in trouble.” They have a lot of common sense. I’ll have to tickle it some if it out of them, so they don’t get old.