$6 shoes – a spiritual practice


$6 shoes Better Brands consignment shop

$6 shoes Better Brands consignment shop

Simplicity in material possessions is a spiritual practice. For about 4 years, I’ve been trying to be frugal as a spiritual practice about how I shop, especially for clothing. I have plenty of hand-me-downs (as do my kids), and buy used, or clothes made in the USA, (not produced for slave wages), for much of what I purchase for all of us.

Finding a great bargain is fun. This snazzy pair was just 6$. 

How have you simplified in your life?

What areas need some simplification?


2 responses to “$6 shoes – a spiritual practice

  1. I’ve simplified by:

    1. throwing out the TV
    2. reducing owned items significantly(minus tons of books 😉
    3. In the process of trying to sell a house, that made life a little more financially complicated 😉
    4. cleaned out email box by unsubscribing to anything I wasnt reading

    and more….

    I think simplifying ones life is so important. It allows us to re-focus on the essential things in life.

    • lisacolondelay

      Thanks for sharing those concrete ways you’ve simplified. It does give us liberation. In the beginning we don’t assume our belongings will own us. Good points.