How Christianity goes Hoodoo / voodoo part 1


Man divining for water with a divining rod

Man divining for water with a divining (or dowsing) rod

They don’t call it a “divining rod” for nothing. This little stick set up gives powers beyond unaided human abilities–it helps tap into the “Divine powers.” It’s woo-woo. Maybe even hoodoo. This guy used to find water underground with a diving rod in exchange for a bottle of whiskey. After he worked up to 15 bottles per day, he switched to cash.

But, people love the idea of knowing something beyond their typical capacity. With horoscopes, palm reading, psychics, crystal balls, or seances, the idea is the same: Get valuable information through supernatural means in order to get an edge, or special comfort from that knowledge.

But Christians don’t really do that, right?

BUZZ. wrong. Thanks for playing 🙂

(I got a little “Robin Williams” on you there for a second.)

Yes. Christian often try to maintain control over their world through the supernatural/divine, to use it to their benefit. It just might be a bit more subtle.

This new Series I’ll do, on “common Christian hoodoo,” I will unveil ways which we, as spiritual people, get all “witch doctory” on God, for our benefit. Ways we try to toy with him for our own advantage and comfort, most often without really realizing it. Our perspective has sort of gotten a mite warped in how we relate to the Divine. God might put up with it, (He’s gracious-that how he rolls.) but it surely stunts our spiritual growth, and intimacy with God, our loving Creator.

It’s not too much different than a average, healthy, 30 year old who expects to be fed by mommy  from a bottle, and wiped cleaned after using the potty. One can get by that way, but it’s really not so good, ya know? It’s not the best for the person. It’s not very mature, but one could get along that way.

Still, a good parent will often challenge a growing child to become stronger and more developed, which is not just better for that person, by for the community as a whole. God does the same thing, which could be part of the reason you are struggling with some tough things right now, and reading this as well. It’s challenge time for you, in some way.

If you think about it, you may have used prayer as a kind of divining rod tool a few times. Right? Have you ever prayed something like, “God, if you want me to do this, please, give me a sign.” We hope that a kind of “divining rod prayer” will show the way to or through something that seems outside our grasp, or beyond our vision. We get witchy with the supernatural to find out stuff we need to know. Be honest, you’ve done this! I sure have!

My questions/reflections…Is this just an immature attempt to get control? Is it a maneuver to manipulate the supernatural for our purposes? If not, what is it? When should it be done, if at all? Is there a better way?

More on this, in a specific way, later.                           But–Tell us your ideas!

Coming soon–The hoodoo / voodoo self-test. “How much Hoodoo do you do?”

Funny, so darn hip, and even mildly enlightening.

Leave your feedback. Do you, or anyone you know, get hocus-pocus with God?

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6 responses to “How Christianity goes Hoodoo / voodoo part 1

  1. Karen Harrison

    I have a friend whom I love dearly. One year for my birthday (early in our friendship) she gave me “Out on A Limb” by Shirley McClaine. This led to numerous discussions on reincarnation and mediumship.

    She would tell you she is a Christian and it’s not my call to decide whether she is or not but Iwould like to share with you a recent email. I would be interested in receiving feedback as to the content of this email:

    About the wonderful Holy Spirit: Not every medium uses the HS to do contact. I do. I use HS for EVERYTHING I do, as I know that it is only in God that we do anything, and enhancing the vibrational energy with DIVINE energy makes it powerful and holy. And it protects you from evil. I have a chapter on hell in the book, as well as stories about evil spirits.

    Not everything that exists is written about in the Bible. They left out many books, selecting only those that were approved of by the Emporer Constantine. That is why reincarnation is not in the Bible – he took it out at the Council of Nicea. I think the year was 355 A.D. Everything in the universe vibrates with energy – lower vibrations make up matter, higher vibrations make up the higher dimensions – where “heaven” is (our word for the fourth dimension). When people die, they cast off their bodies (lower energy matter) and only keep their soul energy, which is of a higher vibration. Just as you cannot see all of the spectrums of light or hear all of the octaves of sound, most people cannot see the higher vibrations of heaven. Some folks can, and that is what I do. I can see, hear, and communicate with the higher vibrational realms. God knows how much we miss the people who are gone, and in His compassion he allows some of us to glimpse this other world. Not only to alleviate great suffering, but to prove to people that you DO exist after you die!

    Voodoo? Hoodoo? Both?

    • lisacolondelay

      Voodoo, no. Not officially. That is quite organized, and nothing like what your friend mentions. Hoodoo, in the folk lore vein, perhaps. I find it amazing her specific details of these higher realms of energy, facts? or theories? If she says she can truly see other realms, I don’t want to say she can’t, when there is no way for me to know what she experiences. I feel I do too, mostly after eating exceptionally good chocolate, or while having a very nasty dream. What is interesting to me is to see what this belief does for her. What is the pay off?

      It looks like security, comfort, and easing grief/separation anxiety. These are all things God wishes to have us rely on him for, rather than rely on the dead. Think of the witch/medium of Endor story with Saul and the ‘sleeping’ Samuel. God wishes to be our God, and journey with us, together, in reality through our struggles or grief, in the here and now; not have it anesthetized by fleeing into other realms, getting a quick fix, or taking a feel good short cut, that won’t really help us, in any true way, or healing way.

      I contend that we mustn’t rely on signs and wonders for proofs (of things like life after death, or other things). We can believe the message of Scripture, God’s body the church, and the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, the first born of the dead.

      Interesting letter. I would also say that God can meet your friend where she is, and redeem her spiritual path. She desires the spiritual to be a reality in her everyday life, and yearns to rely on that which/who is faithful. This is all VERY good.

      Faith in an unseen God, is transforming belief just the same. We all have our idols, and need to turn them over to be free.

      Great sharing. thank you so much.

  2. Actually, I think you are addressing two distinctly “issues” with this post.

    First you write about “Christians” who believe in Horoscopes, Palm Reading, etc. Holy Scripture is pretty clear with regard relying on the super natural rather than the Holy One. I would question their salvation in the first place. It takes more to be a true Disciple than just slapping a lable on your professed beliefs.

    However, placing the proverbial fleece before the Lord is completely (I believe). I like to think that as we mature in our relationship with the Lord we gain a deeper and greater understanding of HIS will verses our wants. As maturation occurs we should have fewer and fewer questions as to what HIS will is for us, our family and our actions.

    The better way would be for us to develope a regular life of prayer (which includes listening), meditating and fasting… regularly. As I am sure you are aware, Holy Scripture says “pray without ceasing” and “WHEN you fast and pray” (not if). My emphasis added of course.

    I think it is important to diferentiate between true Christians and those who SAY they are Christian because they are not Jewish, or they were born to Christian parents or they have gone to a Christian church since they were a child, etc.

  3. lisacolondelay

    Thanks mssc54 Michael,
    Perhaps you misread my post. I was refering to christians with prayer, but to palm reading etc. as examples of ways humans try to control their world/the unknown.

    *I plan on doing a post soon on Gideon and said fleece. So, stay tuned…and try not get too snugly with that cozy sheep’s wool, k?

    *You* can do all the differentiating you’d like. I don’t feel that is my job discription, especially in terms of people I haven’t built up trust with, and a relationship that will be worthy of me being a vehicle for God’s gospel message. (for instance, I won’t point to someone and say, “Nope, they can’t possibly be a Christian.”)

    I’m speaking to Christians, God-fearers, and spiritual seekers in my posts…where ever they are on the spectrum of belief and transformation, by God’s grace. I can’t know their heart. My job isn’t to separate any sheep from goats, whether they use fleeces or not, and whether they think of the Holy Spirit as a medium or not.

    My Redeemer will be sorting that out. i’ll be content at his feet. I just want to point others to him, (albeit in my own flawed way) and share out of the overflow of his Love in me.

    I agree that a humble and potent life of prayer builds a relational intimacy with our God, and the byproduct is Christ-likeness, which makes us more obedient to God’s desires for us (his will), and far more receptive to wise steps he would have us take, as we are attentive to his guidance.

  4. Karen Harrison

    I received this email after I asked my friend why people need her in order to be in touch with or contact the Holy Spirit since the Bible clearly states that he is available to all. If the Holy Spirit is the Intercessor then why would we need an intercessor to contact the Intercessor?

    As to whether she is or isn’t a Christian, the legalistic flesh part of me screams noooooo. However, since I am not the Holy Spirit and therefore am not worthy to judge, I do my best to show her the love of God and to respect her. What else can I do because the Holy Spirit is the one who shows us the error of our ways. We do not point out sin to him. Not my job!

    Back to your idea of prayer being like a divining rod. You ask is this our immature way of trying to force God’s hand? (my words) I think it is our immature, if you want to call it that, way of making sure we are doing what God wants us to do. Is there a better way? Not right now unless we want to go back to the white stone/black stone method the high priests used. (I believe the stones were called the Uma and the Thurman)* We believe in a mysterious God but we shall know Him in time.

    For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. 1 Cor. 13:12

    *just kidding about the uma and thurman

  5. lisacolondelay

    It’s interesting what you post about the priests. Also, so many times gambling, (casting lots, etc) is mentioned in the Bible, and depicted as a way decisions were handled/made.

    I have some suspicions about this behavior, and I’ll try to explore and disseminate them in their own post. I think there is plenty of reason to believe the uses of “tests,” “signs,” or gambling were not prescriptive, but rather descriptive in nature. In different words, God was exceedingly gracious, used people how they came, in and with all their frailties and doubts, despite their various failures to truly walk close with him and trust him like a good Father. In many of these cases, some of which I will examine, I believe it’s not something we should follow, but avoid.

    YES-so true. We know very little, and see through a dark glass. Thankfully, what we can know about God’s goodness, is plenty, and all we need.

    I’ve learned a TON through the thousands of pages I’ve read, and dozens of classes I’ve taken, and dozens of papers I’ve written in grad school (seminary)….but only to find out I know so very—VERY, little, b/c there is so much to know. (on anything, but ESPECIALLY God)

    oh, and “UMA & THURMAN” –nice. 🙂