What’s not on the menu this Thanksgiving –


Everybody knows you eat babies at Easter, not Thanksgiving... oh wait.

Everybody knows you eat babies at Easter, not Thanksgiving... oh wait.

Here’s a reason to become vegetarian! You never really know what kind of meat is on the menu. In China, this is referred to a “girl meat.” It’s quite common. “Boy meat” is quite rare, and for that reason considered a delicacy, though it is stinky, and chewier.



Please tell me something got lost in translation!

Thoughts, comments, ideas?



(see if you can find the Easter egg in this post)


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  1. I use to love the feeling I got from going to my grandfathers on thanksgiving and spending time with family and friends. Until one day my friends or at least I thought they were friends gave me a cigar and so i started smoking it and they had put heroin in it. I was driving and they were all in the car also, we were on our way to this party when I passed out and we hit a stump, flew into a ditch, and rolled into a house. My friend next to me was killed instantly the girl and the other guy in the back also were killed on the way to the hospital. I was critically injured and had a broken nose a fractured arm and 3 broken ribs. I managed to get out of the car and look inside the house we just rolled into. The family was screaming and the car was halfway in the living room. The families baby boy and puppy were underneath the car……..They didn’t make it.
    Now I have to live with all there blood on my hands. I went to jail for a long time. Now I’m on Parole and trying to get a new life started. All it took was a few hits from something I didn’t even want and all their lives were gone. I talked to the family and they forgave me for the horrible thing I had done but I don’t know if I can forgive myself.

    • lisacolondelay

      That wasn’t the response I ever imagined I’d get on this post. I’m not sure if this is legit, or just a commercial for narconon, because of your anonymity, (in your email, weblink link, and sig link…that one I removed) but the grace God’s gives us does win the day. It covers anything, from the horrible, down to the bitty white lie. We don’t have to block it/reject it with our ungraciousness to ourselves. It’s actually a warped kind of pride to think that “even God” can’t save you, b/c *you* stand in the way. His main agency is to redeem and heal. best wishes