Andrew Wyeth – natural surroundings, autumn

Some of you know that I used to claim fellow-Pennsylvanian, Andrew Wyeth as my favorite living American artist. He died this past January 16, in his sleep at the age of 91. His 7 decades of artwork are a profound legacy to the world of art, and culture in general. He was a master of the difficult egg tempera medium, and dry brush watercolor. Technically, Wyeth has superior talent as a drawer and painter, having been tutored by his father, skilled illustrator N.C. Wyeth.

At this time of year, I am attracted by the changing seasons, and the brilliant landscapes. Wyeth did many paintings of landscapes, and I’m drawn to his works at this time of year. Please enjoy a few samples, and these links to his collections. I hope you get a chance to visit them in person.

Links to museums with Andrew Wyeth’s work:
Andrew Wyeth’s website
Brandywine River Museum
Farnsworth Art Museum and Wyeth Center
Smithsonian Magazine Article on Andrew Wyeth

A sample of Andrew Wyeth’s work: (click on the image to see it, or enlarge it)

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2 responses to “Andrew Wyeth – natural surroundings, autumn

  1. My husband is a native Pennsylvanian. After we were married, we moved back and lived there for 16 years (until this summer). He has always like Wyeth.

    I’m from the South. Different culture, different world. I remember seeing a Wyeth in his college dorm room when we were dating. I made no emotional connection with it at all.

    Now I’ve lived in Pennsylvania, I understand him better.

    • lisacolondelay

      Exactly right. He was a regional painter. Also painted a lot in Maine…but yes- A Yankee. Plenty of snow scenes etc. If you can ever get to tour the studio, in Chadds Ford, or see the Brandywine River Museum there, I think you’d appreciate him even more. You’ll get to see the landscapes he drew and painted, for themselves. I find them filled with longing, humanity, and beauty, and goodness, much like life.