Ethics in the work place – 4 questions.


I’m doing my final Ethics paper on Christian ethics in the work place, with a special focus on Christian business owners. 

Would you be willing to answer a few questions?

1. Do you feel you encounter more ethical dilemmas than your competitors/co-workers? 

2. How do you decide choices of right and wrong in your workplace? (what guides you, mainly? circumstances, consequences, natural law, governing rules, feelings, virtue, etc?)

3. What are some examples of ethical dilemmas that challenge you (Specifically, situations where you have to figure out what is right and wrong)?

4.Of some of the issues that have come your way, what has been the most difficult one/s, specifically? (explain why, and if you are willing, explain the outcome/decision)

Please note:

While you encounter plenty of tough choices, some will be “crisis of conscious issues” more than ethical dilemmas. A true ethical dilemma is not a tough choice between doing the right and wrong thing. It is when the right and wrong thing are difficult to determine. Things like stealing, lying, cheating, etc. in themselves, are not ethical dilemmas, because these things are already know to be wrong. (In that case, it’s not an ethical dilemma, but rather a crisis of conscious as to whether you will choice what you already know to be right.)

Thanks –

(Feel free to leave a comment here, OR leave a comment that I should contact you, if you need privacy. No one will be mentioned by name in my paper.)

thank you!


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