T-shirt for Selfish Christians?


Christians against Christians (how typical)

There’s nothing like getting your point across at someone else’s expense. For Christians does it display the Fruit of the Spirit? Um, not so much. Perhaps, it’s just sort of like fruit rotting off the Vine.

Plenty of people might enjoy wearing a shirt like this, but with this sentiment it seems we have another example of how Christians are so often known for, or so often project, what they are against, instead of who they (should) resemble, or claim to adore. 

(And that should be Jesus, the Christ.)

It seems a bit jihad…to me.

(Kristin Tennant has her take on the issue here. I think she’s going to make a bundle. 😉

What do you think?

2 responses to “T-shirt for Selfish Christians?

  1. not knowing the intent(?)of the slogan….I can see a point, but probibly it should be taken care of “in house” so to speak…sure there are Christians going around and confusing a lost world in regard to their example..but if we have “rotten fruit” walking around in Jesus’s name, then it should be taken care of Biblically, not in the public t-shirt forum.

  2. lisacolondelay

    Perhaps t-shirt are edemic of our sound bite culture… Much like bumper stickers, tv news clips, and twitter.