Trend Spike: Neo-Monasticism -part I

I’ve decided to do my final Missiology paper on Neo-Monasticism. It is a fascinating, and devoted way of life that centers on loving God, loving others, and belonging. 

There are distinct reasons way this lifestyle, or off shoots of it are springing up all over America right now, and all over the world. The tradition of Christian, in Catholic and Evangelical/Protestant circles, has always had a stream of followers who lived, played, and worked near each other in a common, and mutually agreed on life. And, I’m not talking about wearing robes, taking vows of silence, or celibacy.

To get us started, check this Seattle-area Monkfish Abbey, a community living life together. They may surprise you as far more appealing than you would first imagine. I’m considering forming a sort of group in this area, with other like minds/hearts.

One of the most influential voices in new monasticism right now is Shane Claiborne in Philadelphia, at the Simple Way Community. Here’s a short article by Josh Casper about meeting up with Shane.


2 responses to “Trend Spike: Neo-Monasticism -part I

  1. Hmmm…Interesting! Sometimes I wonder how normal living in alone in a 2 bedroom house, and driving around in a four door car is…

    If only for the economic pay off, its something to consider. And I believe its the economics of how we structure our life, that affords us the time, resources, or flexibility to be more focused on the needs of others….

    Hmmm…I’m just thinking out-loud :->

  2. lisacolondelay

    Excellent thoughts, Veron. Donald Miller talks a bit about this in his book “Blue Like Jazz” –how community helped him/grew him/healed him, b/c he normally likes to be alone.