Christmas and New Years Wishes ? (Updated)

I hope Christmas went well. I’m throwing out a question, or two, to you. Take a few seconds and think about your hopes, and wishes…


What do you wish for in the New Year, that can’t be bought? (This doesn’t have to be profound)

And for fun– what is the worst, or silliest Christmas gift you’ve ever gotten? Mine would have to be one of the numerous re-gifts I’ve gotten from family members. It’s hard to pick just one.

One of the stinkers, for me, was the Mickey Mouse red collared polo shirt that exactly matched my husband’s shirt gift. It sported at least 300 Mickey heads, and a USA theme. Really tacky. Strangely enough, this was NOT a re-gift. It came with a receipt from Sears. When I took both items back, they were worth $1.75. Should I keep them, I thought? Nah! I took the cash and bought a small beverage.

Friend and silly man, Jon Acuff wins so far for silliest gift. Check out his great website.

Enjoy the holidays!

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3 responses to “Christmas and New Years Wishes ? (Updated)

  1. A man in my church once presented me with a gift certificate to a local western wear store. He informed me that my fedora was not acceptable and that these funds were to be devoted to the purchase of a Stetson.

  2. I did NOT get one. 1) I won’t wear a cowboy hat when I’m not cowboy. 2) I always resisted letting my congregation dictate those kinds of personal choices. (My red Nissan pickup truck wasn’t really considered “ministerial” either, especially when I rode around w/ my dog in the back, but I didn’t sell it and buy a grey sedan.)