Spontaneous Praise

This morning on FACEBOOK, I issued a challenge to my friends who happened to be on their computers at the time. The challenge was simple: Sing Praise.

Quickly, a friend replied by posting a Psalm of her own. Inspired, I rejoined with more praise, and then so did another.

After you read what happened, maybe you can type in a few words of praise.

Jodi Shockey Plum 

I sing praises to Your name oh Lord, praises to Your name oh Lord. For Your name is great and greatly to be praised. i sing praises to Your name oh Lord…
about an hour ago · 

(me) Praise you God, the Highest One. You glory extends from the heavens to the depths of the earth. The stars shout for joy, the tree sway to your music, the birds sing your refrains, the creatures acknowledge you.

Sharon Herbster

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. . .Praise Him ye creatures here below. . .Praise Him above ye heavenly host. . .Praise Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

(Once my granddaughter was talking to me on the phone from NC and sang me her “Jesus song”. She asked if I knew any Jesus’ songs and I enthusiastically said “YES!”. “Sing one for me, Mimi” she asked. So, I did. When I finished she said, “Sing me another one!” This repeated and went on for close to a half hour. . .)


2 responses to “Spontaneous Praise

  1. Hey Lisa, thanks for commenting on my SCL post today. I loved your mantra for calming yourself! See you around the blogs again soon.

    • lisacolondelay

      Matt, thanks for dropping by. Your (guest) post at StuffChristiansLike.net, was one of the funniest I’ve read all year, and most of last year. I love reading your material. It always adds a bright point to my day. Thanks for stopping by.

      If you ever see me in person, please warn me if you want to jump on my back for a piggyback ride. But, be warned, I watch a lot of cage fighting, so I might automatically put you in a tap out situation, without even thinking about it. Just do some stretching first.