Correspondence from a Haitian friend

A fellow student of mine is Haitian. Though he lives in Pennsylvania, his whole  family lives in Haiti. I contacted him directly to see if he had any ideas about how to help. Below is my initial email, followed by his response. His confidence in God is awing. Stay tuned for future posts on how to help Haiti, in ways that make a real difference. (Leave feedback, if you’d like.)

(from me)

Greetings Brother,

We’ve had a few classes together, and Ellis mentioned that you may be  

one to ask about how some of us, or ETS could be of assistance during  

this time of calamity in Haiti. Your family, and your country are in  

our prayers. I hope we might be a blessing in a tangible way to those  

who are suffering.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Thank you.

Lisa DeLay

(from Chezaire)     

Dear Brothers and sisters,

Thank you for your emails, I truly appreciate them and they give a sense of comfort that my familiy and I are in your prayers.  My brother works at the epicenter of the earthquake, was he at work that day is still unkown?  The area where he lives with his family is completely crumbled, and another brother was visiting, and I don’t know if he was in town or left that day. I have over a dozen of cousins in that city with their families, only one is acounted for with a broken leg.  I am still praying and hoping some sorts of good news to come my way. I was in contact with that cousin’s mother, and encouraged her to give God praise for that son with a broken leg because as bad are things in Haiti, it could have been worse.

In time like this, we need to keep our heads in place, and keep our emotions in check while we have the desires to help.  

Several people have asked me how to help.  For now I can’t tell, I don’t really know my people’s needs except for being rescued, having medical care, water and food.  I beleive in the power of the Holy Spirit, continue to pray, I am sure He will dictate us what to do.

In His name,



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