Today’s Art Work-

In efforts to beautify the school commons area, Evangelical Theological Seminary is sponsoring an art contest due March 19th, open to students and spouses of students.

So-Today I did art: painting and drawing. It’s been such a long time. I went to the College of visual and performing arts at Kutztown University for my undergraduate studies. As I progressed I got further away from the foundational stuff, and more into computer design programs.

Today, I had to do a few awful sketches to rub some of the rust off, and I’m not back in good form, but here is what I accomplished today.

As I progress on my artbox, I’ll post photos, and give information. See if you can see themes, or guess where I’m going with this as I go. (I’m about 2/5 done with the project.)

Creating, especially art and writing, is a spiritual practice for me. What do you create that is a spiritual practice for you?


4 responses to “Today’s Art Work-

  1. Looks a little like Henry Strater’s “boxer” portrait of Hemingway – always one of my favorites. Lisa, your range of talents continues to amaze me!

  2. lisacolondelay

    You’re too kind, Doug. Thank you. But, you have to believe when I tell you, I’m no polymath. At this point I’d feel accomplished to just finish a chicken strip without wedging too much poultry between my teeth.

  3. “Polymath” – a parrot that repeats the multiplication tables?

  4. lisacolondelay

    I’m hungry for crackers now…rahhk!