2nd Prize- guess riddle 1st to win


ipod-retractable wall charger + candies



retails: $19.99

This goodie is a great for travel, office, or to have as a spare in another spot in your home. The retractable cord makes it very portable, and keeps wires at a complete minimum. This prize makes a thoughtful gift for an iPod user, too. (For a U.S. electrical outlet, candy included.)

The first to correctly answer this riddle wins this prize of February Freebie Month. (Which is how I am celebrating my birthday-like a hobbit.) If you choose, this  gift may be sent to a friend, if you win. 


What is often bought by the yard, but worn by the foot?





(carpet: Answered by DEB! Congrats.)


4 responses to “2nd Prize- guess riddle 1st to win

  1. Laurie Mellinger

    Fabric–as in socks?

  2. hhhmmmm. I’m going to say carpet/flooring.

  3. YEA!!!

    Thanks so much!!

    I’ll email you my mailing info 🙂