3rd prize


This prize is for the birds


Prize # 3. 

If you are okay with lo-tech entertainment, this is a nice goodie, just don’t eat it. It’s for the birds. This is fun for the kids, and cats also. The CD includes information on birds.

To win this prize, you list five birds, but if someone has written them down, you can’t repeat those choices. I have shown my daughter a picture book of birds and she has selected 3. Whoever guesses the most correctly to her choices, first, wins.


11 responses to “3rd prize

  1. ~Hummingbird
    ~Blue Jay
    ~White breasted nuthatch

  2. Buzzard

  3. And I was so sure I’d nailed it! Well, at least the Pixie Stix weren’t on the line.

  4. Pterodactyl
    Flying Squirrel
    Fruit Bat

  5. Lisa! Leviticus 11.19 lists the bat as a bird. Surely you aren’t going to let godless, darwinistic concepts of taxonomy into your contest! You probably don’t even insist on the King James Bible as the only REAL word of God.

    • lisacolondelay

      Holy BAT BIRD, right in the Bible! wow. Maybe it’s like a ratbird from Couldy with a chance of Meatballs…. carries off children…? KJV? What is the Hebrew for that? I’ll look it up.

      Oh, it’s REAL-The KJV is the BEST as a wonderful resource with excellent readability for Elizabethans. I highly recommend it- to every Elizabethan that crosses my path.

  6. Thou art being sarcastical and fantastical, artn’t thou?

  7. Lisa,

    Received this in the mail…such a pleasant surprise. Thanks so much for your generosity.