Big Prize Friday #3 -A Book FAV of mine


Prize: Fantastic Book and Yummy chocolate


My favorite book for learning how to understand God’s Word “How to Read the Bible for all it’s Worth”. This book changed how I read the Bible and understood it, as well as gave me a better appreciation for it, and the God of it.

Here’s an edited review of the book, by Terry Akers:

How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth guides readers toward a better handling of Scripture by teaching them how to avoid misinterpretations through the proper use of context. Throughout the book, the importance of reading a passage holistically, according to the overall content of Scripture, is emphasized.  Bad exegesis and quirky doctrines often result when a particular biblical statement or passage is taken out of cultural, historical or theological context and emphasized apart from the whole of revelation.

The book’s introduction explains: “The aim of good interpretation is not uniqueness; one is not trying to discover what no one else has ever seen before. Interpretation that aims at, or thrives on, uniqueness can usually be attributed to pride (an attempt to ‘out clever’ the rest of the world), a false understanding of spirituality (wherein the Bible is full of deeply buried truths waiting to be mined by the spiritually sensitive person with special insight), or vested interests (the need to support a theological bias, especially dealing with texts that seem to go against that bias).”

 How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth demonstrates how the Bible must be read theologically—through the lens of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ—rather than in overly literalistic or idealistic ways. By remaining safely within the “middle swath of orthodoxy” and learning to listen in humility to God’s revelation, Bible reading is shown to be not merely informative, but transformative.

Reprinted with permission granted. Copyright © 2005 Terry Akers (read all of it here)

To win, leave a comment telling which book of the bible you enjoy the most, and why. One entry will be chosen.


5 responses to “Big Prize Friday #3 -A Book FAV of mine

  1. I would. I like it because it is more theological than any of the synoptics. It has cool links to big picture stuff in the bible.

    (I think your characteristic of Emerging Church on tony J. blog was right on by the way)

    • lisacolondelay

      Daniel, thank you for posting.
      The (E)merging Church movement / conversation has been fascinating, and the footnoting challenge Tony made was too interesting to pass up! I should have probably given my idea more than 3 minutes to brew and plug out, though. Maybe then it could have probed a bit deeper.

      I just visited your blog, and found it to be quite thought-provoking. I hope you are a regular here. I would appreciate your contributions.

  2. In the above response “the gospel of John” was the book I enjoy the most:)

  3. This is a tough one; and could dwell and go deep into thought to choose one book over another, so I will go with the first book that came to my mind after reading your question. Psalms! Regardless of where you are in life, the joys or distresses it brings, the book of Psalms will cover that emotion and will point the reader to the cross and their need for a Savior. I lead my patients often to read the book of Psalms, every emotion is there and it is easy to point them to it as well, just open up the Bible right in the middle and the Spirit of the Lord will meet you there!