Hoodie Hoo! A Prize in hopes of spring.

Hoodie Hoo is a new, made up holiday that encapsulates most people’s desire for winter to end and spring to come! (Click the Hoodie Hoo link if you want to find out a little more.) It arrives February 20 in the Northern Hemisphere, 30 days before the first day of spring. Is it Hoo Doo? Well, only if you think it works. It’s probably just a great way to blow off pent-up frustration at frigid temperatures, slush, icy roads, and brown snow banks. It can make you feel better emotionally.

My birthday comes amid the Hoodiest low point of February, and I’ve always felt its sting. This time of year can be like a punch in the gut. I’ll try to counter act that with a hopeful goodie/prize. It retails at ElizabethArden.com for $20, and smells quite nice–floral with a little spiciness: Sunflowers. Fragrance-phobic? Here are a few reviews of the fragrance by some people who tried it.

It’s a nice way to brighten your Hoodie days in hopes of spring–And also makes a nice Hoodie Hoo season gift for a friend, mom, girlfriend, grandma, aunt, or wife… or adventurous male who enjoys floral spring scents.

To win this prize, name the strangest fragrance you’ve ever worn, (even if it’s a kind of bar soap, or hotel soap), in the ‘leave a comment’ area. A random entry will be selected.

What’s mine?

Dial Soap for Men (After 1.5 uses, I just couldn’t keep up with it. I’m just not man enough)


Sunflowers fragrance, Eau De Toilette, by Elizabeth Arden


4 responses to “Hoodie Hoo! A Prize in hopes of spring.

  1. OK…I really want to win this. I have this soy candle in my closet called MONKEY FARTS. And now all my clothes smell like it. You can’t tell me that’s not strange!

    • lisacolondelay

      Okay, Amy. That is INSANE!

      I’m sure it’s a playful humorous thing, and not a zoo monkey cage smell, but How would you describe the scent?

      my word!

  2. I have two things of monkey farts. I could mail you one now that my whole closet smells like soy candles. 🙂

  3. lisacolondelay

    tempting, but no.