Kitchen Combo Prize- Final week of Feb Freebies!

This is the final week of FEB FREEBIES!

Some prizes don’t have enough entries to giveaway just yet. Click the category at the bottom called Free Stuff,
for a likely chance to win something.

Now and then, however, I won’t be able to stop myself, and I’ll post giveaways in March, and in the months to come. I have some books coming my way, that you’ll love to try for. Don’t miss out a bit. Click to Sign up (button on the right) to the blog and to get each new post popped right into your inbox-proof-magical. You don’t even have to visit the site to read what’s up. No hassles, and never be out of the loop again! (Wild hooting and clapping heard from imaginary studio audience.)

 This prize is great for the kitchen. It includes a *sweet* flexible cutting board. (I LOVE mine!) A dandy fridge freshener from the Arm & Hammer Baking Soda people. Ahhh-Fresh! A spiffy, metal kitchen caddy from IKEA, good for holding spices, utensils, snacks, or other kitchen-ish things, (comes with mounting hardware.) A Fun Saver disposable camera to record the fun, or give to some little kid who will suddenly think you’re “freakin’ awesome.” Random pixie stix (Yeah, I don’t have a good reason for that. They are the cocaine of sweets.) Also, you’ll see there, a mini spotlight, great for task work. Together, it has a retail worth of $17-20.

Yes! All this can be YOURS! To enter, scroll down, just a bit more for details.

Kitchen gadget combo prize


Remember Mr. Clean? How do you feel about him?
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Leave a comment. (-click the ‘leave a comment‘ thing, at the bottom right of this post.) Share your thoughts, your fears, use adjectives, tell a story, talk about a Mr. Clean commercial, or jingle you remember, what ever you want. (Um, but, Keep it clean.)
I’ll have a panel put the entries to a vote.

Hello, Mr. Clean!

2 responses to “Kitchen Combo Prize- Final week of Feb Freebies!

  1. Mr. Clean may be the first man I ever saw wearing an earring!