Name the Liger, win a book

If you are here because of the LIGER born in South Carolina in November 2010. Click here to see a photo and read more:

Liger brothers, and a zookeeper


Fake photo. The Liger is pretty much my favorite animal.

What’s my favorite animal? The Liger, of course.

Your Mission: Give this Liger a name, and pick one of the books you’d like to have. (Click the ‘leave a comment’ phrase on the lower right side, after this post, to do such a thing.)

Book list, at a glance:

Sex God -Rob Bell, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire -Jim Cymbal, Quaker Summer -Lisa Samson, Embracing Soul Care -Stephen W. Smith, The Deity Formerly Known As God – Jarred Stevens, God is Closer Than You Think -John Ortberg

Tell me, which book would you like?

A winner, or winners will be picked on whim.


9 responses to “Name the Liger, win a book

  1. He is TOO COOL!!! Just had to say that!

  2. Leonthony. (Leo the Lion+Tony the Tiger;))

  3. Andrea Michener

    That is one cool cat! A Liger! He should be named : “Timba” (A little bit of Tigger and a lot of Simba!)

  4. Flaming Arrow (aspects of the latin).

    Rob Bell’s book Sex God

    (Christopher MacDonald)

  5. oops! lol I think Quaker Summer.

  6. Bob.

    “Quaker Summer” looks intriguing.

  7. OK…since ligers remind me of Napoleon Dynamite. I’d probably name this guy NAPOLEON because it sounds noble, even though he’s named after a goofy kid in a movie.

    I’d like, uh, Quaker Summer or any book but FRESH WIN and SEX GOD, since I have those already. But I’m really into fiction lately. 🙂

  8. Amy won this one. Congrats!