Napoleon’s Liger Contest

Goofy Liger Contest:

A super fantastic imaginary Liger magnet can be YOURS.

To get one:

1. Tweet or Update your status with this message:

“Get your Liger magnet, free, until March 16! #LIGER”

2. Leave a Comment, and post the number shown below the visitor counter headline tha reads, “Are you popular because I am? Yes. (Example: If I were to post that number right now, it would be 13,801. It will be different for each person.)


Predetermined numbers, visitors may enter, have been chosen for bonus prizes, including, the Limited Edition
Liger Collectors’ Card!

Yes, it sounds to good to be true. But, it’s oh-so-true.


One response to “Napoleon’s Liger Contest

  1. lisacolondelay

    I’m serious. Really.