10 years ago, today


Now, Nathan must use every finger digit to show his age.


It was ten years ago today after 14 hours of labor, on an unseasonably 70º day that Nathan came into this world, as our  healthy first born child.

A decade of joy, pain, struggle, triumph, and rewards followed that day. Lots of interventions and therapy of various kinds for his autism. Nathan continues to show us he is one amazing person. He is a special child, and a precious gift from God.

Prayer of Thanksgiving 


Your faithfulness is everlasting. You love endures.

You bind our wounds and cure the hurts of our hearts.

You make each day sweeter, and give us all we need.

Your abundance overwhelms me and dives into my soul.

Thank you for your provision. 

Thank you for your strength.

Thank you for your mercy, and steadfast love.

Thank you for Nathan.



One response to “10 years ago, today

  1. Laurie Mellinger

    Happy Birthday, Nathan!

    Happy celebration, Lisa!