Chuck Norris, Roundhouse-Kicks Age 70

Chuck Norris- 70 years old

Congratulations Chuck Norris for roundhouse-kicking age for humanity! You are 70 years old today, and you are still amazing.

I have to say, even though you pitch well for the Total Gym, my favorite of your commercial ads is for the Action Jeans, which are perfect for sudden bursts of Karate.

Chuck Norris -karate jeans

My Chuck Norris joke for the day: Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. He stares them down until he gets the information he wants.

Results for top Chuck Norris Jokes: here (yes-some are hilarious, some are vulgar)

What you think about the man, the legend, the Texas Ranger, Chuck Norris?


5 responses to “Chuck Norris, Roundhouse-Kicks Age 70

  1. LOL Karate jeans!!! I love Chuck!

  2. Doug Jackson

    “If we’d wanted a couple of wimps, we’d’ve named them ‘Doctor Quinn’ and ‘Medicine Woman’!”

  3. “Freakin’ Chuck Norris! I wont that tournament.”

  4. Step-hen Wright

    I have followed Chuck Norris for several years.His career has repersented a true sense of Honor,Trust,and Respect for the belief in Jesus Christ. Perserve-Defend-Protect- America At All Cost. He is a True American Hero to all of us.