Richer Prayer Life in 7 days? (not an ad for SHAMWOW)

Sounds like an info-mmmmercial….

There I said it. It’s out there.

No. It’s not. Nothing to buy here. Slowly unclench your “click away finger.” Breathe deeply.

You are among friends, and not the ones you will find at a used car lot. (Don’t they always seem to act like that?)


I’ve asked some friends to join me in this, but now I pose the invitation to all of you… out “there”… on the interwebs…

Here’s what it’s all about:

I’d like to join with you, and as many of you (pl) as possible, over the next week, to do the prayer exercise from the previous post. The challenge is to encounter this prayer form/exercise/format (what-have-you) I created just 3, or more times, in one week’s time. I hope you really enjoy it. I also hope you can help me, by leaving us your feedback here, (with your comments, thoughts, and insights- both positive, and/or negative).

Just 7 bitty days. Pray 3 times in 7 days. As you give it a try, you can expect it to be about 7 min long. Perhaps, this will increase the more you experience it.

You could probably do that in your sleep, right? But, then, obviously, it would be harder to remember what happened that way, huh? I should have said, “You could do that standing on your head.” I thought about it, and then thought better, because that actually sounded too challenging and so-very ascetic. So, I didn’t want to go there. Whew. I think I really dodged a bullet. hmm.

The next 7 days could be the breakthrough you’ve been hoping for. Let’s find out.

So, won’t you please join me?Read it here.
Bring a friend along, too.

Thank you so much!

I look forward to reading your insights and comments.


3 responses to “Richer Prayer Life in 7 days? (not an ad for SHAMWOW)

  1. lisacolondelay

    My personal update.
    I have tried my own prayer exercise twice, so far.

    Time 1. Thought I might be about 7 min, but was surprised to see it lasted 21. The warmth of the flame seemed a precious reminder of God’s presence. I also realized how much I deeply need God to heal my wounds, and be a loving parent to me, and I felt encouraged and refreshed.

    Time 2. About 11 min. I also slowly meditated on the words and message of the Lord’s Prayer. I started thinking a lot about heaven for some reason. And about our hope in this world, to keep up the good and noble fight against the Evils of this world, and caring for others, especially in light of the righted world to come.

    Anybody else have any recent prayer reflections?

    (I’ll post a bit more-right here-in a few days.)

    May you feel the smile of God upon you. May you sense his singing over you.

  2. Lisa, I’ve only been checking in every few weeks (nothing personal–I’m not reading anything else, either) … figured I might just be open and say that most material on meditation and prayer — including your own high-quality stuff — makes me shy away, or retreat in self-consciousness. It will probably be summer before I’m game enough to immerse myself in some of this. It’s been too long…. Not sure why I’m writing this other than to give you an honest “I can’t do that in this phase of life.”

    • lisacolondelay

      Hey Brian,

      I really appreciate that comment. This invitation to pray in this manner does go a bit deeper, and is more intense than typical vocal prayer, or intercessory prayer.

      If you haven’t encountered it before, or read too many of the Christian devotional classics throughout Christian history, it can seem quite foreign. It sure was for me. I used to think Christianity was –well, basically, American. Or Western. Of course, it’s neither. God isn’t even a Christian. Jesus isn’t either. It’s funny how culturally bound I was…boxing God and everything…. well, I know I still am. It’s all a learning process-a journey of humility and growth. However I do identify Jesus as the Incarnation, the Son of God, the Redeemer sinful humanity.

      If you decide to try focusing on a few verses of Scripture, (some verses about God in Psalms, for instance) and praying through it with God, this kind of meditation, and focus on God and his nature, I think you will find what happens is the opposite of a retreat into self-consiousness. I think you’ll be surprised how much you will be adoring and worshiping God.

      Thank you so much for you honesty. It’s great to hear. We all go through dry periods, or phases where certain prayer seems to fall flat. In those cases, try some variety, and voice those thoughts to God.

      Many blessing to you. And please let me know how you’re doing pretty soon.
      Thanks for writing again.