Speaking in Frystown, Camp Swatara

Really excited to post that I’ll be the speaker, at chapel time in the morning- May 30th, on Memorial Wkd.  at Camp Swatara. This is a wonderful camp for families.

May 29, Saturday a.m.  Kid’s Carnival

May 29, Saturday p.m.  Dreamakers-Family Show

And again July 25th.

benefit car show

Come on out and visit. It’s beautiful at Camp Swatara. Plus, I’ll be building my famous Lasagna Campfire Formation. I’ll bring the marshmallows, you bring the chocolate bars.


3 responses to “Speaking in Frystown, Camp Swatara

  1. Doug Jackson

    Congrats on the gig. Wish I could be there. “Lasagna Campfire Formation”? That’d be worth seeing! I know your sermon will be a blessing.

  2. Laurie Mellinger

    May you sense God’s presence as you prepare and present!!

  3. lisacolondelay

    Thank you, both.

    Laurie- I might just do a prayer exercise, after some encouragement, or Lectio … probably I won’t call it that, at the outset. (?) Scripture Prayer could do fine as a description.

    Doug- I assure you the Lasagna Formation is a masterpiece of ingenuity, and efficiency. I’ll take pictures.