Ahhh Warm and Fuzzy Easter Church Signs-NOT

(Yes, if you smell something weird, it’s because there is a nearly sardonic mood here today. I snapped this photo myself last night.)

Image this Potential Backstory:

Been away from church for awhile? Thinking this Easter Sunday might be a good time to go and get back into the fold?

Are you ready for a spiritual reawakening? A kind of rebirth? A cleansing in your spirit?


Maybe you’re thinking… “Lots of family members will arrive for a big dinner at 1:00 pm. Will there be time to do it all?”

Before you make your final decision, we at Christ Church have something to tell you:

Yes, suicide is an option, Traitors!

We know what you’re up to, and that won’t fly here.

You’re welcome, America!

(What are your comments on this Epic fail?)

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I guess you could say, the irony of  human weakness against the stuff of hubris is just something that amuses me.


6 responses to “Ahhh Warm and Fuzzy Easter Church Signs-NOT

  1. That is horrible.

    • lisacolondelay

      I have to say, I can’t presume to know what the author of this message was (or wasn’t) thinking. All my efforts to pan for something gracious or Resurrection related from it, come up empty. I do think, if I was outside this fellowship, I would not feel welcome. And if I was, I think I would feel watched. But, maybe that’s just my baggage.

      Nevertheless, could we Christians, instead go by the adage: “When in doubt leave the sign blank” ? (and maybe “the sign” are also any words/message we might say)

      Or as Christians, we can stick with life-giving themes during springtime (for starters), such as, hope, forgiveness, rescue, rebirth, new life, healing, redemption, cleansing, and grace. Even—gasp–to other Christians!

      Easter as a “Smack Down Holiday” seems like completely missing the point.

      God, please fill us with your Love.

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  4. My guess is that Judas left the Last Supper early so he could hand Jesus over to the Pharisees. I don’t think it’s a sign referring to suicide but I could always be wrong.

    Lesson? Don’t leave Jesus’ party early. (Or something like that…)