Celebrate-Christianity’s Biggest Day!

They say if you can’t preach on Easter, you just can’t preach!

This being Good Friday- it’s a downer day, of course. IT’s supposed to be. It’s supposed to be reflective. Sober. Pensive. Mindful.

Everything changes on Sunday. Easter Sunday was the one time my tiny chapel congregation sang with some pep. “Up from the grave he arose!” The tempo would get close to 4/4 time. The dirge-like hymns turned positive, and had some spark. (We were about as  non-charismatic as a church could be, but on Easter Sunday, I’m pretty sure I could heard a clap or two of exuberance.)

This Sunday-Let’s PARTY! Let’s remember this is our joy, God’s glory! Death is defeated, forgiveness and pardon is complete.

It might even be time for a fantastical drawing. You like?

Easter is a BIG Day! Celebrate!


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