The Precious Rest

early twilight

I was allured by this Flickr picture the second I saw it. It seemed beautiful, yet also strange. A genuine napping red fox in a field of tall clovers? Curious.

The image info told that it was indeed this fox’s last rest. Possibly rabies did him in. What a mournful occasion, but what a comely little beast.

(I apologize that I haven’t been able to find the image again, to properly link to the artist. If anyone can help me with that, I’d appreciate it.)

Come to Rest

From madness to rest

You’ve wandered too far and then too close

You’ve grown weary

You find yourself in the soft clover

Feeling the pull of death’s slumber

There is some precious beauty about you

In this early twilight

In your last breaths

In your grassy bed

So fragile, mortal, yielding

What was wild and fierce, unpredictable

Now laid down, quieted, helpless

Will you awake in another field with new rabbits?

Will you suffer no more?

Lay your head down

Come to Rest

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2 responses to “The Precious Rest

  1. In nature, you find astounding beauty and mystery. It makes one wonder of the creator. Sunsets and sun rises, clouds, winds, hurricanes, flowers, butterflies, snakes, rivers, streams, rain…we experience all of the dramas large and small in nature, but often we really take it all for granted and rush to the next important thing. What if, sunrises and sunsets and all the beauty to be found between these two times are what are really important? When did power and money become so important? I suppose I’ve been hidden from the harsh realities that made these so important. Living here in the quiet, I am so far away from thundering collisions with what can hurt me and only read about the political states that take away freedoms and leave people to starve. These are not my realities. I experience love and brush against hate once in a while hidden in the folds of my chosen solitude. Yet, I wonder about God and how I am to participate. I feel so ill equipped to deal with realities that scar and tear. I pray, send money and pray some more thankful that I can lounge in quiet observing the incredible beauty all around.

  2. Thank you for this, Dee