Have you Ever Wanted to Write a Book?

Writing a book...

Writing a book is something many of us have considered. Some of us feel a gnawing something within indicating that a book is waiting to get out. An experience needs to be shared. A story idea needs to be brought to light. A character with an adventure needs a life to come into existence on the page. A How To needs to be How Told. Somehow we are “pregnant with book,” and it’s time to do something about it.

Writing a book is one thing. Publishing it is a whole other thing. Writers MUST know a lot about publishing, but they rarely do. They fumble, stumble, and fail; and they don’t get to see their creativity come to life in print. Many writers wish that the route to getting a book published was simply mapped out in some simple form, where the pitfalls, tricks and tips were out in the open, and easy to find.

This is just why author and speaker Ed Cyzewski authored his new book A Path to Publishing: What I Learned Publishing a Nonfiction Book. He gave me a copy to read, and I know it’s going to make things much easier for people who want their books published.

A Path to Publishing -by Ed Cyzewski

In the next post, (or soon) I’ll ask Ed a few direct questions about how his book can be helpful. If you have something you’d like to ask him about his publishing experience with his book Coffeehouse Theology, or about writing or publishing, leave questions in the comment section.

Until then, enjoy a full chapter free right here.


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