The Yarn Test

A child and a kitten were given samples of yarn.

Remarkably, in two hours, the kitten knitted a cozy hooded sweater. The picture you see below clearly captures his delight and satisfaction. In contrast, the child was hopelessly trapped in the yarn.

What’s the lesson here?

Never count a kitten out.

When they look confused, jumbled, and wound in a mess of yarn, they’re just dreaming up something. Wait until you see what they’ll knit up.


2 responses to “The Yarn Test

  1. Thank you! I sometimes feel like this kitten and keep hearing God whispering to me–‘Just wait, the yarn of your life is being woven together into a beautiful tapestry one small thread at a time…you will be surprised.’

  2. Thanks Dee.

    Dexter’s triumph is really a victory for all of us.

    I thought he was going for a simple, yet impressive, two-colored scarf, boy was I wrong.

    Indeed, life’s tapestry can seem like a tangled mess, a series of knotty mistakes, or perhaps something along the lines of Chinese handcuffs. But, God but knows our gifts, and even better, he knows the final masterpiece that can only be done with his help.

    Dee, keep on knitting!