My first sermon

I hesitate to title the post this way… for a few reasons.

Some of it is just my baggage, plain and simple. Some of it is that if I don’t call it a “sermon”… and I fail, I won’t feel so discouraged. (Yes, I’m being honest, and not just wise cracking today…well, not too much.) Yes, I need prayer, and I’ll thank you for petitioning God for me. I mostly just want to get out of the way, read the Bible, mention a few things, and let God do the piercing/talking to the heart. I don’t have to hold his hand in all this, but I sure do need him to hold mine.

This Sunday, I’ll be speaking for the Sunday morning during the Camp Swatara chapel service. I’ve spoken at retreats, prayer breakfasts, Sunday school classes, small groups, of single or mixed gender, but I haven’t be asked to be a Sunday morning guest preacher until now. And before that starts to mess with my mind, I’m going to deconstruct it, and get reasonable. What will happen is that I’ll be spending a few minutes with my siblings in Jesus. I’ll be sharing some things I’ve learned, and continue to learn, and try, as I thirst and hunger for my Savior. It’s not a gig at all. It’s a whole lot more like a chance to realize acutely how silly I am, and how much I need God’s help.

I’ll be sharing about the richness and power of The Lord’s Prayer (Matthew 6:9-13); and how it tells us so much about God, and so much about how we are invited to be a part of his Bigger Plan, now, and in Kingdom Come.

I made a handout for the children to color, and the adults to use to join with me in prayer at the end.

Together, we’ll get on the same page, and tell God who He is, so we learn it better. We’ll all get on the same page to apprehend how we are a part of his reality and plan, and untwist our independent thinking where we think that it’s somehow the other way around. And hopefully, we’ll see the centerpiece is forgiveness and grace, and the rest of it makes zero sense if that part isn’t the main thrust.

coloring page for my Sermon time (No birds were burnt in the making of this drawing.)

Coloring pg resource found here.

3 responses to “My first sermon

  1. warwickfuller

    I think you should title it something completely off the wall, and yet relevant… here are my suggestions:

    1) Jesus would’ve colored in the lines, and over top of them.
    2) the Lord’s Prayer: how not to answer solicitors.
    3) Speaking of Debts, who wants to volunteer to take care of mine?
    4) Power in the Lord’s Prayer: how to talk to your in-laws.
    & 5) The Lord’s Prayer: Getting to know God through paying off the student loan debt of others.

    • Warrick, I’m sort of picking up on a theme…. loan repayment? I guess you have until December to enroll somewhere, right?

      Doug, the torqued part is inversely proportionate to my felt level of freak out/insecurity. Not sure how that’ll turn out. Probably a lot of “um…” and dead air, and stuttering, accompanied by frenetic and unnecessary hand gesturing.

  2. Doug Jackson

    Podcast? Lisa, I so wish I could be there to hear you. I know the person who comes through in this blog and on Facebook. If, as Philip Brooks said, preaching is “truth through personality,” you have a wonderful truth and a delightfully torqued personality and the result should be both a blessing and a real hoot!