Parlous Thoughts on Praise

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The most loving, holy, good, powerful Being is also the most humble. Does he crave praise?

He demands it. He deserves it. He wants it. Yet, it cannot be for the reasons humans enjoy it. God is not a man.

Ego issues do not beset God. This reason doesn’t fit the picture of the perfect Being who died in humiliation to save us.

God, as a rule, doesn’t force his power on us, and if he did, continual obedience would be inescapable. Look around, and in your own heart: such is not the case. At all.

It seems God is pleased with what turns out to be our feeble and fleeting attempts at praise. But why would it matter so much to him? Why would scripture be rife with the stuff? Why would God make a big point to command it of us?

Might it be that it’s good for us?

Might it be that it’s helpful for us, and gets us straightened out?

Might it be that by giving praise to Almighty Creator and Father God, we learn who he is, and who we are, in a way that is not possible otherwise?

It seems that we tune to the proper pitch with it. We obtain an appropriate sense of the world (Reality), ourselves, and others when praise takes place. (Even more so when praise is first and chief of our attitude and actions.) It seems like a powerful orientation takes place when we praise.

If we’re not careful, we might not be the centers of our own universe. Then what? (gasp) Reality could set in. Of course, that’s a good thing. An adjustment, but a good thing.

What thoughts do you have on praise or its purpose?

How does it help you?


7 responses to “Parlous Thoughts on Praise

  1. Great post Lisa. I am convinced that praise is an essential element of daily Christian practice, but it’s one of the easiest to forget.

    • I agree, Ed. It can be pushed to the side, or set for Sundays. If it’s where we start, or where we “live” … that’s the abundant life-near the streams of living water.

  2. Awesome post Lisa. After pondering this for a few minutes, I believe praise was set up not for the ego of a perfect God but as a tool to be used as a defense for humanity still bound in a world where evil exists.
    When we praise God, there is no room for depression. When we praise God, there is no room for inflated egos. When we praise God, we shut the window to the evil who is adept at using good and bad circumstances and human weakness for his gain.

  3. Well posted, Lisa. How interesting, thought provoking, challenging and …. Well, hmmm. Here’s the thing. Yesterday I read a posting elsewhere based on Psalm 34:1-4, and I was prompted to copy those verses down on an index card at my desk. I contemplated those words for a while and that was my devotions for the whole day. After reading this blog I actually went to my beat up old Bible and looked up the same verses. They were, or are, indeed the same as what I copied onto my card. I actually had some sermon notes from once upon a time, jotted in the margin.
    Here are some of the points
    Praise should be:
    1. consistent, despite circumstances or things
    2. continual – any time, all the time
    3. contagious- see also 2 Corinthians 10:17,18
    4. Corporate – together
    And we should praise God why?
    1. he answers prayer (verses 1-4)
    2. of angelic protection (verse 7)
    3. of His abundant provision (verses 8-10)
    4. “the Lord is good”
    And yes, God demands it.
    How big a God our God is. And yet we question him and make him small. Indeed, as you and others have pointed out, he requires we praise Him, not for his good, but for our good. Praising God so abundantly fills up the time and space we could otherwise fill with selfishness, self pity, bitterness, envy, greed, anger, and so much more. It is so easy to praise God, even if (when) it takes some intentionality. As I have been challenged, may others find that the more we practice praise, the easier it becomes. May it indeed, become second nature, that we “just do it.” Praise God!

  4. I believe that praise is our way, when God says “I love you”, of saying “I love you” back.

    It doesn’t have to be said to be true, but the truth should be spoken.

  5. I praise my wife and kids. Praise is giving credit where it’s due. It’s part of being thankful and appreciative. God has done so much, and our future is in the very best hands.

    “It seems that we tune to the proper pitch with it. We obtain an appropriate sense of the world (Reality), ourselves, and others when praise takes place.” Those are very true words, and as Deb said, “the truth should be spoken.”

    • “…giving credit where it’s due. It’s part of being thankful and appreciative.” I feel you make salient points here, I may have not emphasized this area enough. Thank you very much. I love your input.

      Our perspectives merge, in a very important way:

      Praise is due to God-there’s simply no question about it. It seems also that God uses Praise (our act and attitude of it) to teach us. So, as you point out-to teach us to be properly, and duly thankful and appreciative. This is mature and good for us-best for us. It is in order and appropriate to give praise where it is due (in every case).
      ah-YES. The truth should be spoken.

      These insights have truly blessed me. Thank you.
      Praise God! Thank, God for your people-the people you love and praise you, oh Father!