People are Shambolic

This sign is kind enough to give us an accurate bio and caution statement.

Like this sign, we all have sharp edges, but we seldom advertise as well.

Here the main fact: People are shambolic. You are, I am, and anybody else you can of think is too, at least in some way.

I like that “shambolic” is a word. I really do. Words sometimes excite me like a day trip to Atlantic City might enthuse a slots player. When I find a word that’s a good fit, or a new word I’ve never come across, I feel I’m part of a small but effective coup that has just taken back a fortress in Mediocre Illocution Land. I believe that’s somewhere between Middle Earth, Krypton, and the Death Star, but I’m not positive.

Shambolic basically means something or someone that is emblematic of being in shambles.

The cold hard truth is that people are either in the middle of being shambolic, just coming out of being shambolic–in the same manner as a person whose ferocious fever has just broken (quite ill, but just a bit better), or worst of all: one can be a person who is headed right for a shambolic state–whether he knows it or not. Actually, I’m sugar-coating it. Each particular circumstance is just half of it, our inherent weaknesses are most are the other half.

I’m sorry I don’t have better news, but this isn’t sunday morning church… I’m not asking for your tithe, so I have no need to butter you up, or put a little pep rally together. I can just tell it to you straight.

I’m not afraid to say, I don’t think there is a cure for being shambolic, despite how we seem to seek one.

Have you ever known, or have been a perfectionist?

Is this classic denial for a shambolic person? Bingo. Darn, kind of an Atlantic City reference/call back….um, not bingo, um…I mean, yes indeed! It is. Denial is what happens when we haven’t figured out what’s really going on fully, or haven’t had the courage to accept it, and move onward–grow.

But this bit of new is our reality. We are mortal and flawed. (Now don’t act liked you are shocked, you’ve known it all along…)

Be this as it may–We don’t have to just muddle through. Yet, being realistic helps us to grow personally and spiritually.

Here are some ideas for struggling through the human condition:

1. Full awareness/Humility.

2. Regularly reminding ourselves of #1 (afore mentioned).

3. Dependence on God (Higher Power, The Great Spirit, The Supreme Being, or whatever word for The Highest One, you prefer that happens to not be you).

4. Prayer. Meditation. Rest. (They’re all closely linked, so I plopped them in #4 together. It’s efficient, okay?)

5. Unaccounted generosity to others.

Many more ideas remain.

What are some others you can think of?


3 responses to “People are Shambolic

  1. Doug Jackson

    One of your best, Lisa, and both Eugene Peterson and Philip Yancey would love your description of word safaris. I’m preaching tomorrow on the sinful woman who anoints Jesus’ feet in Luke 17. The whole point of the story is that she knows she’s a shambolic sinner and Simon thinks that he is not. Thanks for focusing the text for me.

  2. add a story to your ideas…..

    During the journey some one asked
    what are the instructions you will give
    to your driver, possibly these-
    1-keep the car clean from outside.
    2-keep the car clean from inside.
    3-drive carefully’
    4-give fellow passengers a comfortable
    these are the instructions you all get
    in in your nature when you get the
    life in your body or the car from the
    creator of nature, that is simple to
    follw the instructions and you will
    find happiness in your journey.

    so keep the body clean from outside
    or healthy,keep it clean from inside,
    drive carefully means do not hurt
    anybody,give fellow passangers good
    journey means take care of your
    family and the society.

    when the driver is good , driver need
    not to worry about the owener, the
    owener will worry about the driver,
    you become good driver, the creator
    will remain always with you.

    your body is like a car, you are driver
    of car, creator is sitting with you
    inside, to keep car clean you travel
    comfortably between life and death
    of body, to keep drive clean creator
    come closer.

    life is a rare opportunity for dirver to
    come closer to owener to become

    distance has no meaning,
    meaning is how you cover it.

    car music is within the car only

  3. That is a great word! I love it too, especially how you apply it to the human condition. I am definitely shambolic most if not all of time. Some of my favorite words are “recalcitrant” (as in, I have a recalcitrant heart sometimes) and “hermeneutics” which sounds like something terrible, possibly a disease but actually the study of how to interpret texts such as the Bible.