“1 foot in the grave and 3 feet on a banana peel”

Would this sign work for people too?

Sometimes we get awfully close to the brink. Maybe 94 steps. Could that take a day? A week? Two weeks?

What does it take to take a few steps back?

Rest? A new Perspective? A change?

In the movie Fantastic Mr. Fox, the euphemism “1 foot in the grave and 3 feet on a banana peel” was used to describe a fox in a precarious spot.

What we often don’t realize is that the “brink” is just the first of many.

When have you felt “at the brink”?

What was the result…or how did it turn out?


6 responses to ““1 foot in the grave and 3 feet on a banana peel”

  1. divine…….

    divine………Name has no meaning and meaning has no name ,knowing meaning you can dance with
    different names, different roles, different films but on screen comes the original either at the start of the film or at end of the film that is mostly the case ,you are blessed one divine that it appeared at the start of the film…….enjoy your roles ……and names……

  2. divine…..

    …Not twice this day, Inch time foot gem ,. This day will not come again, Each minute is worth a priceless gem. ZEN Master ” TAKUN

  3. Doug Jackson

    “Pull your chair up to the precipice and I’ll tell you a story.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald

    “If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room.” – Lorraine Teel

  4. Perhaps we live “moments” of brinks. It’s always a nice reminder that we don’t have to “live in” the brink.

    My brink? When I left the East Coast and traveled across the Country with nothing more than my dog, packed Geo Tracker, and rugged faith. Took me five days to arrive Arizona. I sold my Tracker, my dog passed on, but I never lost my faith.


  5. So—get used to the edge, yeah?

    • I think so. In other words, if you don’t move forward, circumstance moves you forward. i.e.: always living on the cutting edge.