Thirsty Thursday…

Every Thursday was Thirsty Thursday on B-94 in Pittsburgh, with Quinn and Banana in the morning. Their antics basically plagued my school bus ride for the 45 minutes to high school for 3 years.

Well, let’s heal the past right now!

It’s Thirsty Thursday today: I hope you’re thirsty for funny, and I’m not giving away Iron City Beer.

5 Ways to Tell if you Smell Terrific (Based on personal research)

A fish stick smell isn’t terrific, but it may get you noticed…

"I know, I smell terrific."

1. You find discrete ways to sniff yourself during the hours following bath/shower time.

2. Bees attack you.

3. Birds perch on your shoulder, wait for you on your window air conditioner and look at you through the window, or seem to have love in their eyes as they approach you. Avian stalking, basically. (Yes, it can be unsettling.)

4. Crowds seem to press in on you, sometimes appearing out of nowhere.

5. People, even random strangers, makes excuses for kissing or sniffing your neck.

If any of these things happen to you, you obviously smell terrific.

(Also, you need to start setting a few firm boundaries in your life, but that’s an entirely different post….)

If you smell terrific, leave a comment. Make sure it doesn’t stink.


5 responses to “Thirsty Thursday…

  1. warwickfuller

    I ve found it a good sign that people get hungry around me. If my odor can make others want to eat, rarer than vomit, it’s a good day!

    An weirdly enough… I do seethe resemblance. But I think I can pull off that dress better.

  2. I was referring to the furry animal.

  3. Doug Jackson

    I think if an Episcopal priest tries to stuff you in his thurible as he heads past you toward the altar, that’s probably a strong indicator.

  4. Doug, you sound like you speak from experience. But, that would be a sort of terrible story, so I hope you dreamed it up.

  5. Doug Jackson

    Sort of. As she walked by with the thurible, she told me to stuff it. Does that count?